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Ever wondered what digital medical marketing would be like without user-accounts? We imagined a world in which we can set you free. Watch our 1-minute video. Protected content – but without the need for accounts: our ‘Magical Click’.

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89% of HCPs read Medical Content on a Mobile Device

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Beautiful charts

89% of HCPs read Medical Content on a Mobile Device

MediPaper. Poor Pharma Digital Marketing 2017; accessed: 29-Dec-2017

Images Sliders

Before and After: Show the Difference 1-on-1

Yang RH et al. J Oncol Sci. 2016;2: 58-62

Point at Importance

Hotpsots: Highlight the Important Messages in any Graph

pharma digital medical marketing panel palbociclib-plus-letrozole-vs-letrozole

Endocrine-resistance is a problem in women with hormone-sensitive breast cancers. Kaplan-Meier estimates of studies with aromatase inhibitors generally show a sharp 20%-30% drop-off at the first imaging, indicating hormonal-resistance.


In studies with CDK4/6 inhibitors plus endocrine therapy, Kaplan-Meier curves do not show a similar initial sharp 20%-30% decline at first imaging, indicating these combinations are having efficacy in endocrine-resistant patients.

Finn R et al. Lancet Oncol. 2015;16(1):25–35
MediPaper. Poor Pharma Digital Marketing 2017; accessed: 29-Dec-2017
Yang RH et al. J Oncol Sci. 2016;2: 58-62
Finn R et al. Lancet Oncol. 2015;16(1):25–35

Voting during your Symposium?

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Included voting or a poll in your symposium? Continue where you left off in the meeting. Allow visitors of your online symposium highlight to continue the vote. See our FAQ to learn more about our symposium voting services.

Voting during meetings has never been more interactive!

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Pharma Digital Medical Marketing FAQs

Are direct-links and QR-codes compliant with HKAPI guidelines on Ethical Business?

Yes. As a matter of fact, all content is password-protected and cannot be accessed by members of the lay public. There are three ways to get to the content:

  1. Users can create a user account on Medi-Paper.com and get direct access to all our content. We screen if users are healthcare professionals;
  2. Users can visit the URL and enter a content-specific password (this can be chosen by you, e.g. product name or company name as brand-reminder). These content-specific passwords should only be shared with healthcare professionals, and not with members of the lay public;
  3. QR-codes and direct links circumvent both options #1 & #2 and provide direct access. These links, just like printed materials, should be shared only with healthcare professionals and not with members of the lay public.

Printed materials are more secure and can be less easily shared than QR-codes, right?

No, printed leaflets are not safer than QR-codes containing the password and the link. The latter may even add an extra layer of compliance since visitors and referrers of the webpage can be monitored.

Scenario 1

Dr Chan receives a leaflet by a sales-representative just before lunch. He takes the printed Symposium Highlight to the canteen for reading. However, he meets a colleague and when they leave together, Dr Chan accidentally leaves the print behind. The next user of the table is a patient who finds the leaflet and takes it home because she is interested in information about her disease.

Scenario 2

Dr Lee is speaking during a big congress and takes a printed leaflet, which he has just received from a sales professional, to the airport for reading during his flight. On board the plane he meets a patient advocate who is travelling to the same meeting. The patient is interested in reading the leaflet and asks Dr Lee to share the leaflet with him.

These scenarios are unlikely, and this is exactly how unlikely it is that QR-codes are obtained by members of the lay-public: QR-codes are printed on the leaflets which are only provided to HCPs.

If content ranks high in Google, does that give patients direct access?

Good question! No, patients do not have access even if they find the page in a search engine. The links to the content would still require the visitor to enter a password or create a user account. Only those who know the password, or users with an account can login and read the content. The lay public will not be granted a user account.

How about the sharing buttons on top of the content? Do they give direct access?

No, the sharing buttons will only share the link, not the password. In order to read the content, the visitor would still need the password or a user account.

Should your company have concerns on social media sharing buttons, we can remove these from the content.

What is SEO?

White-hat SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising content to be found in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This involves logically writing the content to support the correct indexing. Accurately indexed content is more easily linked to search queries, and ranks higher.
An example:
You are the Product Manager for an asthma drug with inhaler and the key differentiation for the product is the inhaler spray or plume. Queries HCPs may search for online may include:
  1. “Which asthma inhaler has the best plume?”
  2. “Is the inhaler plume important?”
  3. “Importance of asthma inhaler plume?”
  4. “Does the inhaler spray affect asthma medicine delivery?”.
  5. “Does the way inhalers spray affect medicine delivery?”
In this example, we could write the text to include word sequences as “asthma inhaler”, “inhaler spray”, and “asthma medicine delivery” in a natural way, for search engines to provide your content based on the queries above.

Does SEO guarantee a #1 listing in Google?

The simple answer is no, but the experience has learned us that a page 1 ranking is well possible.
MediPaper practices “White-Hat SEO” which means we do not try to ‘trick’ search engines as ‘tricks’ can lead to penalties.
Google and other search engines monitor our content frequently and rank our content well.
A search for “Approved Immunotherapies in Google.com.hk ranked our MediPaper as 2nd hit right under Wikipedia on February 26th, 2018.
pharma digital medical marketing google search seo optimisation

I like to have an online advertorial, but I don’t want it to be found in Google. Is that possible?

Yes, we can arrange for that.

In such case, we can “hide” the content from search engines, and also from our website. The content will only be accessible through direct-links or QR-codes, which will need to be shared with HCPs via e-mail or QR-code.

Note: you will miss out on the following potential customers:

  1. Organic traffic: doctors cannot find your content based on their queries in search engines;
  2. Doctors with user accounts: hidden content will not be visible on the site, and cannot be accessed by users.

Can the design of pages be adjusted to our brand colours?

Yes, we can make online content look and feel as your printed symposium highlight or advertorial.
The example shows the printed symposium highlight, and an online example.
Should you wish to remove the MediPaper header, our footer, or any other elements, such adjustments can be made.

Can MediPaper help setup voting during our Symposium?

Yes, we can support setting up voting. Our system makes use of smartphone voting. Doctors will be asked to visit a link – or scan a QR-code – and can answer the questions on their smart device. The results collected can be used for continuing the poll online after the meeting.

Requirements for online voting during a conference or symposium:

  • Computer with MS PowerPointⓇ or Apple KeyNoteⓇ;
  • A stable internet connection (e.g. hotel Wi-Fi).

Can MediPaper make and host eLearnings?

Yes, MediPaper can help write and create e-learnings to be hosted online on our platform. eLearnings are a great tool for experts in a therapeutic area to educate other doctors on the latest advancements in a therapeutic area.

Can long symposium videos be split into chapters?

There is a growing interest in online hosting of symposium videos:
  • Online videos do not require a DVD-player;
  • Online videos can be watched on any device, anywhere.
Web-based symposium videos can be split-up in easy to navigate chapters. HCPs can quickly select the speaker or topic of interest saving time and thus leading to higher satisfaction and better, targeted, delivery of your key-messages.
Our online videos are hosted from a premium video server, with guaranteed uptime. Depending on the device and connection the right format will be played. The same password-protection is possible for videos as for all other online content.

Can MediPaper shoot symposium videos?


MediPaper offers different levels of video, with different pricing. If onsite video recording is required, we can work with our trusted vendor to shoot the video onsite.

Can MediPaper arrange for video interviews, or support other types of videos?

Yes, we can arrange for video interviews. The video will be recorded by our professional and trusted partner. Ask us for a quotation.

I have a recorded video. Can you host it online?

Yes. As long as there is no copyright issue we can help you host your recorded video online. Contact us for a quote.

Can you share content on Social Media?

Our content can be shared with thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sharing on Social Media is optional and links will not include a password, a password or user-account is needed for visitors who are referred from social platforms.

Advantages of Social Media sharing

Sharing content via social media has advantages, even though the content is password protected:

  1. It is good for SEO;
  2. It helps to create more ‘buzz’;
  3. Your content is shared with the real-time latest news.

Is your content visible?

In short, yes. But it depends on your wishes.

How can we help make your content visible?

  1. Our unique model allows for use of digital media during sales calls similarly to printed materials;
  2. Printed leaflets carry QR-codes, which allow for hassle-free online reading: the ‘Magical Click’;
  3. We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which generally ranks well in Google and Bing;
  4. Social media strategies can help you reach even greater audience.

Can you send advertorials directly to HCPs by Email Direct Marketing (EDM)?

Yes, we have growing e-mail lists for different therapeutic areas and can send content to e-mail subscribers of our lists. Content can be targeted specifically, e.g. selected for therapeutic area or specialty. Moreover, we can group different content into larger newsletters for certain therapeutic areas.

Do you provide statistics?

Statistics are a hot topic, and MediPaper believes that statistics should be available for all sponsored content. We can provide statistics to the sponsor of the advertorials or symposium highlights upon request.

I like the idea of an interactive symposium highlight, but how much does it cost?

Every client has specific needs regarding the quality of the video, statistics, design etc. Therefore it is hard to give a general estimate. But our pricing is very competitive. Contact us and we can provide a quote based on your needs
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