detecting metastases with psma pet in prostate cancer

Detecting metastases with PSMA-PET in prostate cancer

Conventional imaging with computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and bone scans, are the current standard of care for imaging prostate cancer. Accurate imaging primarily relies on nodal metastases size for detection.
Toxic vaccine disinformation_有關疫苗的虛假信息


我最近在YouTube頻道上看到這條在2020年12月17日發佈的視頻,聲稱說明有關COVID-19疫苗的功效和風險。該視頻的內容非常不準確且具有誤導性。 令我震驚的是,該視頻已吸引了超過三十萬觀看者,其中有幾位評論者表示同意偽科學。

Therapeutic Areas

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Therapeutic Areas

U.S. FDA approved immunecheckpoint inhibitors U.S. FDA approved immunotherapies for cancer U.S. FDA approved immunotherapies for cancer

US FDA approved immune-checkpoint inhibitors updated 08-Dec-2020

Know all the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) approved immune-checkpoint inhibitors. Members of MediPaper can download the free PPT slides summarising the U.S. FDA approved immune-checkpoint inhibitors and other U.S. FDA approved immunotherapies.

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