Gut Microbiome: Predictor for COVID-19 Vaccine Response and Safety (CZ02 and BNT162b2)

Gut Microbiome: Predictor for COVID-19 Vaccine Response and Safety (CZ02 and BNT162b2)

The gut microbiome is known to interact with infection and immunity, such as immune response after BCG vaccine and COVID-19 disease prognosis. Investigators are thus interested to learn whether certain gut microbiome composition can be prognostic indicators for adverse event occurrence and vaccine efficacy.



我最近在YouTube頻道上看到這條在2020年12月17日發佈的視頻,聲稱說明有關COVID-19疫苗的功效和風險。該視頻的內容非常不準確且具有誤導性。 令我震驚的是,該視頻已吸引了超過三十萬觀看者,其中有幾位評論者表示同意偽科學。


Evidence of SARS-CoV2 in heart cells

While SARS-CoV2 has been previously reported to exist in lung tissue in a 78-year-old patient who died of unexpected cardiac arrest when ready for discharge after COVID-19 hospitalisation, recently the first evidence of SARS-CoV2 infection in heart muscle cells has been reported in a case from Brazil and which is supported by evidence from other reports.


Triple combination effective for hospital- and ventilator-acquired pneumonia

Pneumonia is the second leading cause of death in Hong Kong as of 2019, with annually increasing death rates.


更新: Covid-19患者的臨床特徵

Dr Siddharth綜合了21個病例報告,並分析了目前1689名Covid-19肺炎患者的臨床特徵,以及2198名患者的人口統計學數據。


Updated: Clinical characteristics of patients with COVID-19

Dr Siddharth analysed the clinical characteristics of 1,689 #COVID19 patients from 21 publications, and the demographics of 2,198 2019nCoV patients.


開始? 結束?

香港的 Covid19 病例每天增加,不免令人恐懼。然而,更具參考價值的分析是「流行病曲線」,它著重這些病例的症狀發作日期,而不是病例發現的日期。


COVID-19 in Hong Kong: the end of the beginning?

Watching the daily increase in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong is scary. However, a more useful analysis is the ‘epidemic curve’, which looks at the date of symptom onset of cases rather than the date of case detection.


How do people get COVID-19 in Hong Kong

Dr Siddharth Sridhar, Specialist in Clinical Microbiology & Infection, looked at the main settings of Covid-19 transmission in Hong Kong (as of 20/2/2020)



臨床微生物學及傳染病學專科醫生 Dr Siddharth Sridhar分析了香港Covid-19傳播的主要情況(截至2020年2月20日)